︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – In-store / Website / Social media / Graphic Design / Illustration / Animation

   A campaign as part of the annual London Design Festival, this time zeroing in on three historically distinctive chairs. 

   Drawing on from my more modernist design approach for the previous year, I choose to scale up the strident forms of Heal’s secondary house font Akkurat, empahasise the elegant form of each chair in 2D form and chose a vibrant yet calm colour palette.

  Determined to push the brand into better places, I explored how animation and parallax scrolling could be employed digitally, and for the physical store environments employ freestanding custom-made steel frames to suspend PVC banners behind each piece.

    The desire was to get the message across confidently in the most stylish and considered way.

︎︎︎Heal’s Timeless Chairs webpage

︎︎︎Logo lock-up with illustrations

︎︎︎Website banner (static)

︎︎︎Website banner (animated)

︎︎︎Website landing page

︎︎︎In store