20x20 project

︎︎︎Identity for a new digital record label



︎Client – Neil Stringfellow
︎Role – Art Direction / Graphic Design / Photography / Bandcamp website / Print advertising / Social media / Press releases

  Identity design for a new record label. Big project this one, as I have been given free reign to produce the entire visual identity.

  So I took a modular approach, using the numbers as a basis to build a geometric logo design, which I’ve applied across the covers to give them a consistant look. Has been very fun being restricted to using only those shapes, combined with a selection of my own photography.

  As the project continues into the year, I hope to use more animation and push the design into more complex areas.

︎ ︎ Bandcamp
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︎︎︎ Bandcamp website

︎︎︎ Album covers

︎︎︎Album 01

︎︎︎Album 02

︎︎︎Album 03

︎︎︎Album 04

︎︎︎Album 05

︎︎︎Album 06

︎︎︎Album 07

︎︎︎Album 08

︎︎︎Album 09

︎︎︎Album 10

︎︎︎Album 11

︎︎︎Album 12

︎︎︎Album 13

︎︎︎Album 14

︎︎︎Album 15

︎︎︎Album 16

︎︎︎Album 17

︎︎︎Press release

︎︎︎Animated gif for Twitter

︎︎︎Print advertising for The Wire magazine

︎︎︎ Instagram stories


Recycled, remade

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s recycling campaign



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Graphic Design / Photoshop composition & retouching / Banner & board design

  Identity for Heal’s “Recycled, remade” campaign. As the flagship store was undergoing a refurbishment it was decided to not use window vinyl, but hanging banners instead.

   So I devised a set of large paper prints suspended from the ceiling by split dowels and fishing wire.

    The paper, made from recycled coffee cups was kindly supplied by G.F.Smith.

︎ www.heals.com

︎ Extract paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎ Hanging banners

︎A1 wall-mounted board

︎︎︎Extract recycled paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎︎Ocean chair by Mater made from recycled fishing nets


Love in the time of the Anthropocene

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / custom typography

  Artwork for a forthcoming album by Audio Obscura. A concept album about the perilous state of the planet in the age of man.

    This project started about a year ago, and was going to be released on tape. I decided that I would treat it like a typographic book cover, so I devised some custom type from scratch, and paired it with imagery from a dam disaster in Brazil in 2019.

   The project has since changed to being on CD, so I had to reformat it, but gave me the opportunity to see if a cleaner approach would work better. For the photography I plan to use imagery from the Chinese version of Disneyland, which is now abandoned.

   Due to be released end of September.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎︎︎Current CD redesign

︎︎︎Initial design for cassette


E17 Art Trail

︎︎︎Art installation



︎Client – Self initiated
︎Role – Untitled installation for E17 Art Trail 2019

     I’ve been in Walthamstow for over ten years now and I always wanted to take part in the E17 Art Trail held across the borough binannually each summer.
   My job at work involves a lot of decals, so I decided to do a site specific installation using tapes around the pole of a parking sign.

   I improvised the whole thing over the installation day, it ended up looking pretty intense and psychedelic. It was so much fun to do a non-commercial project, so I’d love to do more.

︎E17 Art Trail 2019


Heal’s x The Slade

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s and The Slade School
of Fine Art exhibition



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity / Posters / Artwork wall hang / Web banners / Heritage story / Information POS / Pavement signage

   A great project this one, I was pretty much given free reign to produce the identity, worked closely with the PR team on logistics, and designed the arrangement of the hang in the Heal’s front showroom.

    On the night of the install I worked with the artists and the Visual Merchandising team to get it ready for the next morning, it was exhausting but ultimately very rewarding.

︎ Heal’s

︎The Slade School of Fine Art

︎︎︎A1 poster

︎︎︎Banner for social media 

︎︎︎Website banners

︎︎︎Pavement poster

︎︎︎Wall decals logo and heritage story

︎︎︎ Biography and price information POS

︎︎︎Wall plaques