Losing It

︎︎︎Animated film



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Animation 

    Animated film for electronic musician Neil Stringfellow aka Audio Obscura from his latest album.

    An open brief to produce a film based on the track ‘Losing It’ which features an emotional narration from environmental campaigner, journalist and author George Monbiot.

    One of the most difficult projects I’ve tackled. The track talks about George’s personal struggle to get across the need for action on the climate crisis on national TV, and through the mass-media in general.
     Such a highly charged and important message, deserves to be given some weight, which made it tricky to approach. So after cycling through too many alternatives – shoot new footage, but what sort of footage would be appropriate? Or use screencaptures of George’s experiences on TV? I decided that these options would be too superfluous, and that the text and music were the most important elements.

  So I choose to work on animating the type and pairing that with a custom built generative TV-like static. I used After Effects to both blend the two together, and let the layers and colours react, which both becomes more intense as the narration progresses, and using strong colour to try to go from anger to melancholy.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎George Monbiot

︎︎︎’Losing It’ animated film

︎︎︎Stills from the film


Heal’s London Design Festival 2022

︎︎︎Project mangement + Set design
+ Graphic Design



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Project management / Set design / Graphic Design

   The open brief for this one was for a space that pulled together the furniture stores most historic and timeless pieces. Beautiful as they are, I felt the need to reinvigorate the somewhat vintage modernism through the use of bold colours, and I was really keen to use the space itself as a basis for an installation.

  Each piece has a great story to be told, they became classics for a reason, so rather than bullet point there history I was keen to attempt to explore the background of each work, and the person that brought them into being.

  The space is pretty big and has beautiful natural light punctuated by a set of six columns, so in the spirit of site-specific art and to offer the most space for the text, the logical solution was to wrap the columns in a continous strip that zig-zags between each piece and creates architectural areas for each of the works.

Copywriter - Nicky Rampley-Clarke
Visual merchandising - Emma Qavi & Stephen Clough
Selected photography - Victoria Erdelevskaya



The Life Electronic

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / illustration

    Album artwork for electronic musician Neil Stringfellow aka Audio Obscura on the Newcastle-based label TQN-aut.

    This one evolved pretty much organically from thinking about the album title, nostalgically reminiscing about the word ‘electronic’. So a 70/80s vibe, lots of test equipment like oscilloscopes, old TVs, soldering irons and mysterious black boxes with loads of dials and crude displays.

    So I put together some unused geometric illustrative experiments I did from my archive with a photograph of an old televison I found on Unsplash, courtesey of Deigo Gonzalez.
    I also have to acknowledge the influences of both the video sculptues of Korean electronic artist Nam June Paik, and the Russian constructivist Naum Gabo, both of which I humbly bow to in deep respect.


︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎Diego González

︎︎︎CD card envelope design


Live from the Greenhouse

︎︎︎Album cover + Film



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Graphic design  / Film editing / Video effects

    This one is the fourth album I’ve designed for Neil, aka Audio Obscura, this one is a compliation album of Neil’s live performances over the last five years.

    He lives on a farm in Norfolk which happens to have an amazing disused greenhouse in a field behind the building complex. It’s a huge space that’s full of flowers, bees and broken glass. So the idea was to capture a live set and experiment with the footage.

     So using a couple of vintage digital cameras, and my iPad (using the app Mavis - which is great for experimenting with exposure and focus on the fly). I took three takes of the set from four angles simultaneously and spliced them together in Premiere.

    So I took my time to follow the flow of the music which becomes pretty spacey as it goes on, so I carefully overlaid close ups, tracking shots of the space, static long shots and some free vintage burn effects to create an evolving, cosmic, psychedelic influenced piece. 

   For the album cover, which is a digital release, I’ve tried to create the illusion of a physical vinyl format, with a shiny cellophane wrap and sticker, just for fun.

︎Audio Obscura Bandcamp

︎︎︎Album cover for Bandcamp



Adventures in the Anthropocene

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / photography

    Album artwork for a CD release for electronic musician Audio Obscura. The follow up to a concept album, which I also designed, released in 2020 about the perilous state of the planet in the age of man.

    Staying consistant with the first cover, the format is pretty much the same, but with some new photography.

    The shot for the front cover was taken in a local Walthamstow recycling tip. It has some nice details and the queue of fridges and washing machines makes for a good composition. The inside photo was taken on a cycle ride in the Hackney marshes, I just happened upon a decaying leaf which is a beautiful object in itself and fits the whole premise of the album.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎︎︎CD digipak design


Designers + Heal’s

︎︎︎Identity design  + Installation



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity design + Installation

   Designers + Heal’s is a project that highlights the brilliant work done by the Heal’s product design team collaborating with the best designers London has to offer.

   The brief was to re-invigorate these key pieces, which usually sit on the Heal’s product space on the first floor and elevate them to the brands space on the floor above, and let them compete on a more international level.

   The brands floor has an incredible representation of global product, so to differentiate the Heal’s brand amoungst this crowded marketplace we needed to make some bold steps.

   Focussing in on just three collections in a small space, allowed the opportunity to explain the product background in more detail and be bold with the branding.

  The space was basically a white box, so I wanted to unite the collections through an gold diagonal form that embelished luxury and modernism in a single expressive stroke cutting across the room.

︎︎︎Pre-production visuals

︎︎︎The finished installation


Heal’s Press Show

︎︎︎Project mangement + Set design
+ Graphics



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Project management / Set design / Graphics / Matterport scan

   My first press show project for Heal’s, the brief was to showcase the new ranges for the forthcoming Autumn Winter collection within the new Mansard Gallery space, keeping the feel open rather than enclosed and stay on budget.

   As well as designing the sets and signage in collaboration with the Visual Merchandising team and the buyers, I had to manage the project as a whole, booking in furniture movers, electricians for the lighting and set builders. 

   We went for a circle-based theme across a series of freestanding hinged screens, to create frames for each roomset, highlight the lighting and work with the organic feel of the new season pieces. I wanted to use the beautiful skylight in the space to create an installation so we designed a showcase for the textile pieces using gynastic hoops, wooden dowels and leather straps that utilised the natural light and added some drama.

  I also implimented a Matterport scan of the finished space, creating a virtual tour of the site, for those who couldn’t make the show, you can view it in the gallery below.

Visual merchandising - Emma Qavi & Stephen Clough
Selected photography - Victoria Erdelevskaya

︎︎︎Pre-production visuals

︎︎︎Images of the finished show



The Mansard

︎︎︎Brand identity + Interior architecture



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity / Interior architecture / Virtual tour

   Originally opened on the fifth floor of the Heal’s, by Ambrose Heal in 1917, the Mansard Gallery became a landmark destination for shoppers, art-lovers and design enthusiasts throughout the 20th Century, introducing the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Amedeo Modigliani to the British public for the first time.

    Heal’s unfortunatley no longer owns the original space, at present it’s a vacant office area, but has wanted to re-open a gallery for a number of years. A vacant space opened up on the first floor, which has lots of natural light from a skylight, so was the perfect fit.

    I was briefed to design the branding and think about how the space could work. Heal’s were keen for the gallery to have a seperate look to the current company identity using the lettering from the historical “Group X” poster as a starting point.

  So I went to work redrawing the lettering, tidying it up whilst retaining it’s unique hand-drawn character and personality.

    I also produced visuals on how the space would look, and liased with both the Heal’s design team and external shop fitters to design the interior space.

   I’m pretty proud the result, check the link below to view the exhibitions as they play out over the year, or take a virtual tour.

︎Heal’s Mansard Gallery page

︎︎︎One of the few images of the original gallery

︎︎︎The original space gallery space in 2022

︎︎︎A selection of original posters for the gallery, including the“Group X” poster which the new logo is based upon

︎︎︎The logo redrawing process

︎︎︎The final logo

︎︎︎Pre-production visual

︎︎︎Decal installation

︎︎︎The finished gallery with “Heal’s Summer Exhibition” featuring Rebecca Hardaker, Benn R. Storey and Dawn Beckles

︎︎︎ Animation / advert for store screen

︎︎︎ Email / Instagram invite

︎︎︎“Neon Drama and Pearl Drops” exhibition by Chila Kumari Singh Burman

︎︎︎”Pattern symphony” exhibition by Hormazd Narielwalla 

︎︎︎Virtual tour of the gallery


Heal’s flags

︎︎︎Design  + Illustration



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Design + Ilustration

   I’ve been tasked with the design of the Heal’s flags for many years now, working with the brilliant Flag & Flagpole Company in Essex, who dye, print and sew each one to a really high standard.

   Typically we just use the Heal’s logo and a set of colours, but after presenting a very ‘on brand’ scheme I was asked if we could look at doing something a bit different.

   It was in the middle of a pretty grim winter, while the pandemic was in full swing, so I wanted to do something cheerful and fresh. So I went for an illustrative approach, choosing products that would work well in silhouette, (no, mattresses don’t work) and letting the colourful forms interact and overlay each other to produce new shapes in a similar fashion to screen printing technique.

︎︎︎Work in progress

︎︎︎The eleven finished designs

︎︎︎The finished flags hung outside the flagship store in Tottenham Court Road


British Craftsmanship

︎︎︎Website design + Instagram stories



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Web design + Instagram stories

   Retail design is very fast-paced, so this campaign was all about taking a few steps back and taking the time to investigate the incredible UK-based craftspeople that make the pieces on show both in-store and online.

   We choose to hone in on three key stories - cabinetry by Tom Raffield and Ercol, sofa making by our our Hastings-based sofa supplier and mattress making in Lancashire.

  For the look and feel I wanted to go for sophistication and elegance, rather than nationalistic bombast. To achive this I delved into our photography archives, to tease out the best imagery, created a simple unfussy lock-up and paired it with dovetail joint motif.

   I also translated the website design across into a set of three Instagram stories.

︎︎︎ heals.com

︎︎︎Website design

︎︎︎Instagram stories


20x20 project

︎︎︎Identity for a digital record label



︎Client – Neil Stringfellow
︎Role – Graphic Design / Photography / Web design / Print advertising / Social media / Press releases

  Identity design for a digital only record label.

   Twenty artists, releasing an album each month of 2020, each album is twenty tracks each twenty seconds long.

  The design is based on using a set of very simple geometric shapes and reconfiguring them to create new patterns.
   Each cover is an attempt to match the mood of the music, rather than create an austere, detached system.

    This was the perfect lockdown project for me, because I was often forced to source images around my home in Walthamstow. So it got me out of the house, in the fresh air, on my bike, really thinking photographically about what would suit the music of each release.

    For each release I also put together an Instagram story, which has put me on a path to learn more, and think much more deeply about motion design.

︎ ︎ Bandcamp
︎ ︎ Instagram

︎ ︎ Twitter

︎︎︎Press release

︎︎︎ Bandcamp website

︎︎︎ Album covers

︎︎︎Album 01

︎︎︎Album 02

︎︎︎Album 03

︎︎︎Album 04

︎︎︎Album 05

︎︎︎Album 06

︎︎︎Album 07

︎︎︎Album 08

︎︎︎Album 09

︎︎︎Album 10

︎︎︎Album 11

︎︎︎Album 12

︎︎︎Album 13

︎︎︎Album 14

︎︎︎Album 15

︎︎︎Album 16

︎︎︎Album 17

︎︎︎Album 18

︎︎︎Album 19

︎︎︎Album 20

︎︎︎Animated gif for Twitter

︎︎︎Print advertising for The Wire magazine

︎︎︎ Instagram stories


Design that
lasts a lifetime

︎︎︎Web design for Heal’s digital only campaign



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role –  Web design 

    A web based campaign focusing on the key pieces from the Heal’s collection that imbue a sense of timelessness and longevity. Due to Covid restrictions all the stores were closed, so instead of working on the store window messaging, it gave me the chance to hone how the campaign would work online.

     Based on a strict grid, emphasised with fine lines, the initial design used a yellow highlight, vertical type, and a bold san-serif font for the campaign title.

    After review the title was swapped for a more conventional horizontal layout with a more refined serif font, and the highlight was set to the core blue of the Heal’s brand palette.

    Both options presented here, I prefer my original yellow version but I’m not bitter.  Website implementation by Zahra D’Anzi.

︎ www.heals.com

︎︎︎Final design for homepage banner and landing page

︎︎︎Initial designs for homepage and mobile


at Heal’s

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s Christmas campaign



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Illustration / Graphic Design / Identity / Decal installation

    Christmas 2020 was a nostalgic nod to the beautiful grade one listed Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road. Taking elements from both the iconic Cecil Brewer spiral staircase, featuring the Heal’s Cat, and the columns at the front of the store.

    An illustrative approach combined with gold foiling and a set of sumptuous colours from the Christmas palette for that year.

    Unfortunately due to Covid Heal’s decided against producing a physical brochure this time around, so I’ve shown the three potential covers as mock ups.


︎ www.heals.com

︎Illustration & type for store windows 

︎︎︎Website banners

︎︎︎Illustration & type for gift guide (not printed due to Covid)

︎︎︎The Cecil Brewer staircase at Heal’s Tottenham Court Road


Love in the time of
the Anthropocene

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / custom typography

  Artwork for a recent album by Audio Obscura. A concept album about the perilous state of the planet in the age of man.

    This project started about a year ago, and was going to be released on tape. I decided that I would treat it like a typographic book cover, so I devised some custom type from scratch, and paired it with imagery from a dam disaster in Brazil in 2019.

   The project has since changed to being on CD, so I had to reformat it, but gave me the opportunity to see if a cleaner approach would work better.
    Photography by Marcin Jozwiak.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎Marcin Jozwaik

︎︎︎Framed poster

︎︎︎Final CD digipak design

︎︎︎Initial designs for cassette release


Recycled, remade

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s recycling campaign



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Graphic Design / Photoshop composition & retouching / Banner & board design

  Identity for Heal’s “Recycled, remade” campaign. As the flagship store was undergoing a refurbishment it was decided to not use window vinyl, but hanging banners instead.

   So I devised a set of large paper prints suspended from the ceiling by split dowels and fishing wire.

    The paper, made from recycled coffee cups was kindly supplied by G.F.Smith.

︎ www.heals.com

︎ Extract paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎︎ In-store installation

︎︎︎ Hanging paper banners

︎︎︎A1 wall-mounted board

︎︎︎ Hanging paper banners

︎︎︎Extract recycled paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎︎Ocean chair by Mater made from recycled fishing nets


E17 Art Trail

︎︎︎Art installation



︎Client – Self initiated
︎Role – Untitled installation for E17 Art Trail 2019

     I’ve been in Walthamstow for over ten years now and I always wanted to take part in the E17 Art Trail held across the borough binannually each summer.
   My job at work involves a lot of decals, so I decided to do a site specific installation using tapes around the pole of a parking sign.

   I improvised the whole thing over the installation day, it ended up looking pretty intense and psychedelic. It was so much fun to do a non-commercial project, so I’d love to do more.

︎E17 Art Trail 2019


Heal’s x The Slade

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s and The Slade School
of Fine Art exhibition



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity / Posters / Artwork wall hang / Web banners / Heritage story / Information POS / Pavement signage

   A great project this one, I was pretty much given free reign to produce the identity, worked closely with the PR team on logistics, and designed the arrangement of the hang in the Heal’s front showroom.

    On the night of the install I worked with the artists and the Visual Merchandising team to get it ready for the next morning, it was exhausting but ultimately very rewarding.

︎ Heal’s

︎The Slade School of Fine Art

︎︎︎A1 poster

︎︎︎Banner for social media 

︎︎︎Website banners

︎︎︎Pavement poster

︎︎︎Artwork plan

︎︎︎Wall decals logo and heritage story

︎︎︎ Biography and price information POS

︎︎︎Wall plaques



︎︎︎A sandbox for type & imagery



︎Client – None, self initiated

   A sketchbook / sandbox of photographs, illustrations, random record cover ideas, type design, intersections of the above. A place without clients for wayward designs to hang out, until they seed another project.