︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / custom typography

  Artwork for a recent album by Audio Obscura. A concept album about the perilous state of the planet in the age of man.

    This project started about a year ago, and was going to be released on tape. I decided that I would treat it like a typographic book cover, so I devised some custom type from scratch, and paired it with imagery from a dam disaster in Brazil in 2019.

   The project has since changed to being on CD, so I had to reformat it, but gave me the opportunity to see if a cleaner approach would work better.
    Photography by Marcin Jozwiak.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎Marcin Jozwaik

︎︎︎Framed poster

︎︎︎Final CD digipak design

︎︎︎Initial designs for cassette release