︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / typography / image collage

    CD packaging for Neil Stringfellow aka Audio Obscura self-released physically and to download. The starting point for this one was to feature a series of prints from original etchings made by artist Susila Subramaniam.

    I wanted to place the etchings in an atmosphere, rather than just flatly plaster them across the packaging. So I set to work in Photoshop-land collaging the prints with found torn paper, blank architectural spaces and wall textures, adding sunlight and shadows to accentuate the sense of depth.

    The type is a collision of the antique and the cutting-edge, set in Garamond from 16th-century France, and ZXX by Sang Mun from 2013, a typeface that's unparsable to computers, but legible to human eyes.


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︎︎︎CD digipack artwork

︎︎︎Original concept for cassette release (unpublished)