︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity / Posters / Artwork wall hang / Web banners / Heritage story / Information POS / Pavement signage

   A great project this one, I was pretty much given free reign to produce the identity, worked closely with the PR team on logistics, and designed the arrangement of the hang in the Heal’s front showroom.

    On the night of the install I worked with the artists and the Visual Merchandising team to get it ready for the next morning, it was exhausting but ultimately very rewarding.

︎ Heal’s

︎The Slade School of Fine Art

︎︎︎A1 poster

︎︎︎Banner for social media 

︎︎︎Website banners

︎︎︎Pavement poster

︎︎︎Artwork plan

︎︎︎Wall decals logo and heritage story

︎︎︎ Biography and price information POS

︎︎︎Wall plaques