︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Billboard campaign design /  Press advertising / Flag design

   To celebrate the new extension to the Heal’s flagship store at Tottenham Court Road, we asked design agency Deep to create the seed for a new advertising campaign.

   The concept is all about ‘extended enjoyment’ stretching the photography of key pieces from the middle to the left-hand side, echoing the direction of the store extension.

Initial design concept – Deep
Design development & implementation – David Barrington

︎︎︎347 Old Street billboards

︎︎︎Waterloo station billboards

︎︎︎Highgate Road billboards

︎︎︎Bethnal Green tube billboards

︎︎︎Bethnal Green Road billboards

︎︎︎Flag installation

︎︎︎Installing store wayfinding