︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Illustration / Graphic Design / Identity / Decal installation

    Christmas 2020 was a nostalgic nod to the beautiful grade one listed Heal’s flagship store on Tottenham Court Road. Taking elements from both the iconic Cecil Brewer spiral staircase, featuring the Heal’s Cat, and the columns at the front of the store.

    An illustrative approach combined with gold foiling and a set of sumptuous colours from the Christmas palette for that year.

    Unfortunately due to Covid Heal’s decided against producing a physical brochure this time around, so I’ve shown the three potential covers as mock ups.


︎ www.heals.com

︎Illustration & type for store windows 

︎︎︎Website banners

︎︎︎Illustration & type for gift guide (not printed due to Covid)

︎︎︎The Cecil Brewer staircase at Heal’s Tottenham Court Road