︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity design + Installation

   Designers + Heal’s is a project that highlights the brilliant work done by the Heal’s product design team collaborating with the best designers London has to offer.

   The brief was to re-invigorate these key pieces, which usually sit on the Heal’s product space on the first floor and elevate them to the brands space on the floor above, and let them compete on a more international level.

   The brands floor has an incredible representation of global product, so to differentiate the Heal’s brand amoungst this crowded marketplace we needed to make some bold steps.

   Focussing in on just three collections in a small space, allowed the opportunity to explain the product background in more detail and be bold with the branding.

  The space was basically a white box, so I wanted to unite the collections through an gold diagonal form that embelished luxury and modernism in a single expressive stroke cutting across the room.

︎︎︎Pre-production visuals

︎︎︎The finished installation