︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Web design + Instagram stories

   Retail design is very fast-paced, so this campaign was all about taking a few steps back and taking the time to investigate the incredible UK-based craftspeople that make the pieces on show both in-store and online.

   We choose to hone in on three key stories - cabinetry by Tom Raffield and Ercol, sofa making by our our Hastings-based sofa supplier and mattress making in Lancashire.

  For the look and feel I wanted to go for sophistication and elegance, rather than nationalistic bombast. To achive this I delved into our photography archives, to tease out the best imagery, created a simple unfussy lock-up and paired it with dovetail joint motif.

   I also translated the website design across into a set of three Instagram stories.

︎︎︎ heals.com

︎︎︎Website design

︎︎︎Instagram stories