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The Mansard

︎︎︎Brand identity + Interior architecture



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Identity / Interior architecture

   Originally opened by Ambrose Heal in 1917, the Mansard Gallery became a landmark destination for shoppers, art-lovers and design enthusiasts throughout the 20th Century, introducing the likes of Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Amedeo Modigliani to the British public for the first time.

    I was briefed to design the branding and think about how the space could work. Heal’s were keen for the gallery to have a seperate look to the current company identity using the “Group X” typography as a starting point.

  So I went to work redrawing the lettering, tidying it up whilst retaining it’s unique hand-drawn character and personality.

    I also produced visuals on how the space would look, and liased with both the Heal’s design team and the external shop fitters to design the interior space.

   I’m pretty proud the result, check the link below to view the first exhibition.

  ︎Heal’s Mansard Gallery page

︎︎︎The original “Group X” poster for the gallery

︎︎︎The original hand-drawn type from the poster

︎︎︎The redrawing process

︎︎︎The final logo

︎︎︎Pre-production visual

︎︎︎Decal installation

︎︎︎Finished gallery with Chila Kumari Burman exhibition


Live from the Greenhouse

︎︎︎Album cover + Film



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Graphic design  / Film editing / Video effects

    This one is the fourth album I’ve designed for Neil, aka Audio Obscura, this one is a compliation album of Neil’s live performances over the last five years.

    He lives on a farm in Norfolk which happens to have an amazing disused greenhouse in a field behind the building complex. It’s a huge space that’s full of flowers, bees and broken glass. So the idea was to capture a live set and experiment with the footage.

     So using a couple of vintage digital cameras, and my iPad (using the app Mavis - which is great for experimenting with exposure and focus on the fly). I took three takes of the set from four angles simultaneously and spliced them together in Premiere.

    So I took my time to follow the flow of the music which becomes pretty spacey as it goes on, so I carefully overlaid close ups, tracking shots of the space, static long shots and some free vintage burn effects to create an evolving, cosmic, psychedelic influenced piece. 

   For the album cover, which is a digital release, I’ve tried to create the illusion of a physical vinyl format, with a shiny cellophane wrap and sticker, just for fun.

︎Audio Obscura Bandcamp

︎︎︎Album cover for Bandcamp