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Heal’s Spring Summer
Press Preview

︎︎︎Packaging design + Graphic Design
+ Website design



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Packaging Design / Graphic Design / Website Design

   As retail returns to investing in more ‘touchy-feely’ printed materials post-covid, Heal’s was after a press pack to showcase their latest Spring / Summer collection for 2023.

 The concept is to offer a series of A5 postcards for each piece, housed in a bespoke envelope, that gets mailed out to leading interior journalists to stoke interest.

   It’s a great format to physically present the incredible work done by our buyers, and marketing team, styled and photographed to perfection by our pick of the best in the industry. 

   As the pack acts as the very first touch-point for the new collection, the look and feel will be worked on closer to launch, so I paired an elegant logo lock-up with a fresh green palette, keeping the look refined and allowing the product and product story to shine.

   I also built a stand-alone website for the collection, following the style of pack, with some flowing shapes to compliment the organic vibe of the season.

Art Direction - Daniel Boden-Wilson
Stylist - Despina Curtis
Photography - Beth Evans  
Copywriter - Nicky Rampley-Clarke

︎︎︎Press pack envelope & product cards

︎︎︎Selected product cards



And you may
find yourself...

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / photography

    Album artwork for the final CD release of a trilogy for electronic musician Neil Stringfellow Audio Obscura, this release retains the clean and punchy identity of the previous releases.

    For the imagery I paired a suitably apocalyptic photograph by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash for the front cover. The shot under the CD was taken by Neil himself of an abandoned bus near his home, the graffiti announcing “the last stop” is chillingly befitting the concept and title of the release.

︎Audio Obscura Soundcloud

︎Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash

︎︎︎CD digipak design