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Heal’s Extended Enjoyment campaign

︎︎︎Billboard design / Magazine advertising


︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Billboard campaign design /  Press advertising / Flag design

   To celebrate the new extension to the Heal’s flagship store at Tottenham Court Road, we asked design agency Deep to create the seed for a new advertising campaign.

   The concept is all about ‘extended enjoyment’ stretching the photography of key pieces from the middle to the left-hand side, echoing the direction of the store extension.

Initial design concept – Deep
Design development & implementation – David Barrington

︎︎︎347 Old Street billboards

︎︎︎Waterloo station billboards

︎︎︎Highgate Road billboards

︎︎︎Bethnal Green tube billboards

︎︎︎Bethnal Green Road billboards

︎︎︎Flag installation


The Heal’s Sale

︎︎︎Brochure design + Graphic Design
+ Website design



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Brochure Design / Graphic Design / Website Design / Press advertising

  Sale campaigns are hard. They must be commercially successful, but also still look stylish.

   I hope I managed to get the balance right here, juxtaposing huge letterforms with refined type and beautiful photography.

    It turns out it was one of most profitable sales in the companies history.

Image editing / design assistance - Jacob Benjamin
Copywriter - Nicky Rampley-Clarke

︎︎︎Sale brochure


︎︎︎Westfield store window

︎︎︎Advertisment in The Sunday Times Style magazine