︎︎︎Brand building, print and web design, signage and illustration.︎︎︎Feel free to contact me with any projects you have in mind.︎︎︎Scroll down for selected work.


20x20 project

︎︎︎Identity for a new digital record label



︎Client – Neil Stringfellow
︎Role – Art Direction / Graphic Design / Photography / Bandcamp website / Print advertising / Social media / Press releases

  Identity design for a new record label. Big project this one, as I have been given free reign to produce the entire visual identity.

  So I took a modular approach, using the numbers as a basis to build a geometric logo design, which I’ve applied across the covers to give them a consistant look. Has been very fun being restricted to using only those shapes, combined with a selection of my own photography.

  As the project continues into the year, I hope to use more animation and push the design into more complex areas.

︎ ︎ Bandcamp
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︎︎︎ Bandcamp website

︎︎︎ Album covers

︎︎︎Album 01

︎︎︎Album 02

︎︎︎Album 03

︎︎︎Album 04

︎︎︎Album 05

︎︎︎Album 06

︎︎︎Album 07

︎︎︎Album 08

︎︎︎Album 09

︎︎︎Album 10

︎︎︎Album 11

︎︎︎Album 12

︎︎︎Album 13

︎︎︎Album 14

︎︎︎Album 15

︎︎︎Album 16

︎︎︎Album 17

︎︎︎Press release

︎︎︎Animated gif for Twitter

︎︎︎Print advertising for The Wire magazine

︎︎︎ Instagram stories


Recycled, remade

︎︎︎Identity for Heal’s recycling campaign



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Graphic Design / Photoshop composition & retouching / Banner & board design

  Identity for Heal’s “Recycled, remade” campaign. As the flagship store was undergoing a refurbishment it was decided to not use window vinyl, but hanging banners instead.

   So I devised a set of large paper prints suspended from the ceiling by split dowels and fishing wire.

    The paper, made from recycled coffee cups was kindly supplied by G.F.Smith.

︎ www.heals.com

︎ Extract paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎ Hanging banners

︎A1 wall-mounted board

︎︎︎Extract recycled paper by G.F. Smith

︎︎︎Ocean chair by Mater made from recycled fishing nets


︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / custom typography

  Artwork for a forthcoming album by Audio Obscura. A concept album about the perilous state of the planet in the age of man.

    This project started about a year ago, and was going to be released on tape. I decided that I would treat it like a typographic book cover, so I devised some custom type from scratch, and paired it with imagery from a dam disaster in Brazil in 2019.

   The project has since changed to being on CD, so I had to reformat it, but gave me the opportunity to see if a cleaner approach would work better. For the photography I plan to use imagery from the Chinese version of Disneyland, which is now abandoned.

   Due to be released end of September.

︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎︎︎Current CD redesign

︎︎︎Initial design for cassette