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London Design Festival 2022

︎︎︎Project mangement + Set design
+ Graphic Design



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – Project management / Set design / Graphic Design

   The open brief for this one was for a space that pulled together the furniture stores most historic and timeless pieces. Beautiful as they are, I felt the need to reinvigorate the somewhat vintage modernism through the use of bold colours, and I was really keen to use the space itself as a basis for an installation.

  Each piece has a great story to be told, they became classics for a reason, so rather than bullet point there history I was keen to attempt to explore the background of each work, and the person that brought them into being.

  The space is pretty big and has beautiful natural light punctuated by a set of six columns, so in the spirit of site-specific art and to offer the most space for the text, the logical solution was to wrap the columns in a continous strip that zig-zags between each piece and creates architectural areas for each of the works.

Copywriter - Nicky Rampley-Clarke
Visual merchandising - Emma Qavi & Stephen Clough
Selected photography - Victoria Erdelevskaya



The Life Electronic

︎︎︎Album cover



︎Client – Audio Obscura
︎Role – Art direction / graphic design / illustration

    Album artwork for electronic musician Neil Stringfellow aka Audio Obscura on the Newcastle-based label TQN-aut.

    This one evolved pretty much organically from thinking about the album title, nostalgically reminiscing about the word ‘electronic’. So a 70/80s vibe, lots of test equipment like oscilloscopes, old TVs, soldering irons and mysterious black boxes with loads of dials and crude displays.

    So I put together some unused geometric illustrative experiments I did from my archive with a photograph of an old televison I found on Unsplash, courtesey of Deigo Gonzalez.
    I also have to acknowledge the influences of both the video sculptues of Korean electronic artist Nam June Paik, and the Russian constructivist Naum Gabo, both of which I humbly bow to in deep respect.


︎Audio Obscura soundcloud

︎Diego González

︎︎︎CD card envelope design