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Heal’s Designs For Life

︎︎︎ In store design + website design



︎Client – Heal’s
︎Role – In-store / Website / Animation

   Campaign design for Heal’s based on the dual concepts of wellness and longevity – entitled ‘Designs For Life’. A curation of products into six families – ‘sleep better’,  ‘work better’, ‘illuminate better’, ‘relax better’, ‘dine better’ and ‘organise better’, that will be showcased each week of the campaign.

   To simplify the project and avoid as much visual clutter as possible, I wanted to explore using animated type to slide between the campaign title it’s category name. The challenge was to get the type legible across the lifestyle imagery. So I employed some slightly more radical cropping to get the best result.

Brief - Daniel Boden-Wilson

Copywriter - Nicky Rampley-Clarke

Visual merchandising - Emma Qavi & Stephen Clough

Website animation - Rebecca Phipps

︎︎︎Heal’s Designs For Life webpage

︎︎︎Home page banners with animated lock-up

︎︎︎Website home pages

︎︎︎Store window decals


IRMA Look Book

︎︎︎Brochure Design



︎Client – A Rum Fellow
︎Role – Graphic Design

    Look Book for A RUM FELLOW’S new IRMA fabric collection.

    A RUM FELLOW is a UK design studio dedicated to artisan textiles and handcrafted rugs emblazed by colour and intricate pattern.

    A satisfying project with a elegant and clean outcome – a simple A5 leaflet with the cover made slightly shorter to reveal the brand name and collection.

    Was a total joy to work with such a well-considered brand, with great people, superlative product, pearless photography and inspired font choices.



︎A Rum Fellow

︎︎︎Front cover

︎︎︎Inside left

︎︎︎Inside right

︎︎︎Back cover with brand story